Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Job sometimes can be very stressful.
When there are so many things to worry,
worried about their scores, (can they pass?), have they learn something? or simply attending my classes but at the end they got nothing. sometime i feel that they are 'not hardworking enough'. (or i'm the one who should work harder?). right now i'm thinking of putting more effort on this. I'm the one who should be doing something at the first place.

Also when there are so many things to do, at a very limited time..
"Worrying" itself already make our movement slower. with a lot of things to do at a slow speed, it end up increasing the stress level as more things cannot be done on time.

to many things inside my brain.
Sometimes, i feel my brain simulating MATLAB codes, designing things, solving mathematical equations, circuitry, while riding my bike. haha it looks funny. but yes, its truly happen. ;p
some of my friend says 'taib ni kat lab berbual-bual mesra je dengan semua, tapi bila jumpa kat luar,buat tak nampak je,jgnkan tegur, pandang pun tak?, kadang2 rasa macam nak sepak je mamat nie"
mungkin tak perasan sebb sedang memikirkan sesuatu..

ok. nevermind lah, just feel like writing something.ok lets get the job done.


admin said...

i like da last sentence... ;)

angahfarah said...

ada masa stress ni membuatkn kita berfikir.. tp take it in positive side.. insyaAllah boleh..
(bg komen camni..nak sedapkn hati sendri jgk..)