Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exploring Possibilities

Life offers lots of possibilities..

And you would think lots of possibilities would be a good thing. But we don’t always get to choose which possibilities Allah allows in our lives. And we can feel out of control, juggling life’s events just to get by.

Sometimes when i ride home from work, suddenly it began to rain heavily. Normally people will think of stopping and find some shelter, bus stop etc. I prefer to continue riding as i think of possibly there would be no rain a few meters ahead. if i were to stop and wait, i'm going to waste my time waiting!

Every event in our lives opens up a new possibility of knowing Allah more deeply. Are the possibilities in your life leading you to deeper faith? Or are you just getting by? have faith in our rukun Iman and we'll discover the true meaning of Qada' and Qadar in our everyday life. As a human, we will always try to open up new possibilities, we try to study hard, we try to work hard, we try to recover from someting. AND we cannot tell what will be the result at the end. Only Allah knows. One just need to BELIEVE and have good FAITH in what ever Allah give to them.

The POSSIBILITIES experiences can help you discover how you can embrace the opportunities in your life and prepare to accept all possibilities with an open minds and with a more positive way.

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