Sunday, November 30, 2008


tergamam..terkesima sebentar setiap kali terdengar lagu 'wanita' daripada Dhearty. liriknya begitu memberi kesan.. Terasa juga beratnya menjadi seorang lelaki. Mengharapkan bayang-bayang yang lurus padahal diri sendiri bongkok dan bengkok. persoalan yang sering bermain di benak fikiran saya~ Mampukah?

Kau digelar sebagai penyeri dunia
Hadirmu melengkap hubungan manusia
Bukan sahaja dirindui yang biasa
Malah Adam turut sunyi tanpa Hawa

Akalmu senipis bilahan rambut
Tebalkanlah ia dengan limpahan ilmu
Jua hatimu bak kaca yang rapuh
Kuatkanlah ia dengan iman yang teguh

Tercipta engkau dari rusuk lelaki
Bukan dari kaki untuk dialasi
Bukan dari kepala untuk dijunjung
Tapi dekat di bahu untuk dilindung
Dekat jua di hati untuk dikasihi
Engkaulah wanita hiasan duniawi

Mana mungkin lahirnya bayangan yang lurus elok
Jika datangnya dari kayu yang bengkok
Begitulah peribadi yang dibentuk

Didiklah wanita dengan keimanan
Bukannya harta ataupun pujian
Kelak tidak derita mengharap pada yang binasa

Engkaulah wanita istimewa

Sedarilah insan istimewa
Bahawa kelembutan bukan kelemahan
Bukan jua penghinaan dari Tuhan
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Total Success is Determined by Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions

By Dr. Joe Capista

Many people say they want success, yet they are not willing to do what it takes to achieve their desired outcome. I am a believer in Total Success. Total Success requires more then a successful business and a great income. Total Success is about having a balanced life, giving back and enjoying what you do.

In order to achieve Total Success there are specific thoughts and beliefs you must have. There are also certain actions you must take.

Success in anything goes beyond the obvious. Although you need a certain amount of skill and knowledge, your successes will come from the way you think, feel and act, coupled with intense emotion and a steadfast belief in “self.”

To achieve Total Success you must set goals. Setting goals cannot be a hit and miss process. It has to be systematic, deliberate and the cornerstone of every other aspect of what you do in order to create a successful, abundant, happy, and balanced life. Goals are about gaining direction, clarity and vision.

Even though the concept of goal setting took a while for me to grasp, once I did, the difference in my ability to achieve the outcomes I desired was amazing. Initially I dabbled in the process. Over time, as with virtually every other component of my success, it became very systemized.

My success is directly proportionate to my willingness to set goals, write down my goals, review my goals and stay committed to my goals.

If you want what you say you do, you have to set goals. It’s not that difficult and the results will amaze you. Get a blank book. On each page write down your goals in a specific category and date it.

Not only should you write your goals down, you must review them morning and night. Write your primary goals on a 3 x 5 card to make the review time more targeted. Doing this will keep you on target with what you want.

When you focus on your goals by writing them down and reviewing them on a regular basis amazing events will begin to happen. You will be able to manifest what you want a lot quicker.

However, you must do more than write them down and read them. You have to be committed to the outcome. This means that if you want to get and stay healthy, you will have to make choices around what you eat and how often you exercise.

It is the same with your finances. If you want to increase your wealth you must make specific choices on how you spend and invest your money.

Think of every area of your life you want improvement in. Decide what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Write your goals down, read them morning and night and take the appropriate actions to achieve your desired outcome.

With dedication and commitment you will be well on your way to Total Success. Read More!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The lean thinker

Background / Current Condition

Briefly cover where we are, and why we are talking about this right now.

Back up your assertions with data and facts. Note that, in my context, a “fact” is something you can see, observe, sense, touch. The data must be explained by the facts.


What is this going to look like when we are successful?

The target is binary. It is verifiable as “met” or “not met.” It does not include vague words like “improved” or “reduced” which are subject to interpretation.


What is keeping us from hitting the target right now? What is in the way? What must be solved, what barrier must be cleared, what factor must be eliminated?

Clearly demonstrate that dealing with these issues will allow reaching the target.
Countermeasures / Implementation

What actions will be taken to deal with the issues or shortcomings?

When will they be taken?

Who will take them?

When will they be checked for successful implementation?

For each one, what is the predicted effect if it works as planned?

How will you check the actual effect?

Do the cumulative predicted effects of your countermeasures add up to enough to close the gap and reach the target?

If not, then what else are you going to do?
Results / Follow-Up

What actually happened?

If When things got off track, what is the recovery / correction plan?

If When actual results were different than planned, what else are you going to do?

Did you reach the target? If not, what else are you going to do?

It’s the thinking, not the format!

Do the headers change sometimes? Sure, but the intent is:

What is happening?

What do you want to happen?

What is the gap?

What will you do to get it there, and how will you check that:

* You did you you planned.
* It worked like you expected?

Do it.

Check it.

Fix it.


This is a leader’s tool

If it is done well, and done correctly, it is done the way John Shook describes it in his new book Managing to Learn. But don’t confuse the size of the paper with the structure of the thinking. Get that right. Worry about the sheet of paper later if you must.

When encountering resistance, a good teacher knows what things can be left for later, and which ones are critical to get right.

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"Kaizen" mindset

Kaizen means "improvement". Kaizen strategy calls for never-ending efforts for improvement involving everyone in the organization. When there is a performance problem, help them improve instead of doing some replacement.

Kaizen Mindset is a thinking that everything can and should be improved.
"Regard whatever you do now as the 'worst' way to do your job."

one must avoid to have tendency to simply criticize without any suggestion. one may criticize but suggest an improvement

Think beyond common sense. Even if something is working, try to find the ways to make it work even better.

Think of how to improve it instead of why it can't be improved.

lets have this Kaizen Mindset as a starting point! Read More!