Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Smart Socket Project

Smart Socket is a special socket that will switched off automatically when it does not detect movement within a period of time. as long as there is movement, it will function as normal socket. suitable when the appliances cannot be left unattended such as soldering iron, heater, iron etc.

PCB ready! but some of the routes were incorrect. ayoyo.. 

almost complete. but i'd damage the latching relay due to incorrect PCB traces.. aduyai..
how can i missed that!

After rework.. i had to reverse the polarity. no wonder 2 of my relays were burnt. and it cost me RM70 each..

Alhamdulillah.. finally its fully functioning.. 

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What a mess!

A lecturer with engineering works = mess.
i tried to tidy up my workspace, but it never last more than a few hours..those items always remind me that i got things to do, if i don't see anything on my table, i don't know what to do..hehe

My master project, alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly and i manage to complete my master.

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Where are we?

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Choosing a Motor Controller

Before you can think of how to drive your motor, you need to know what kind of motor/actuator you are using. This is because each motor type got different spec especially on the current consumption, rated voltage and torque.
  1. Rated voltage - always check your motor operating voltage. if your motor operates at 12V, you cannot use a motor controller that support output voltage at only 5V or less.
  2. Current requirement - Choose a motor controller that offers output current equal to or above the motor’s continuous current consumption under load. If your motor require 3A current under load, it means that you will need at least 4A motor driver to drive the motor. otherwise you might burn your motor controller. What if we don't know the current requirement for the motor?? - try to attach the motor to laboratory power supply that has digital output display for voltage and current. increase the voltage gradually until the motor running and you can see the current consumption from the current display. try to halt the motor while its running and you'll get the current draw under load.
  3. Control method is another important consideration. Control methods include analogue voltage, I2C, PWM, R/C, UART (a.k.a. serial). If you are using a microcontroller, check to see which pin types you have available and which motors are viable for you to choose. If your microcontroller has serial communication pins, you can choose a serial motor controller; for PWM, you will likely need one PWM channel per motor.
  4. The final consideration is a practical one: Single vs. dual (double) motor controller. A dual DC motor controller can control the speed and direction of two DC motors independently and often saves you money (and time). The motors do not need to be identical, though for a mobile robot, the drive motors should be identical in most cases. You need to choose the dual motor controller based on the more powerful DC motor. Note that dual motor controllers tend to have only one power input, so if you want to control one motor at 6V and the other at 12V, it will not be possible. Note that the current rating provided is almost always per channel.
  5. examples of motor controller or motor driver can be found here

Power window motor require high operating current(>3A)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

how does energy saver works?

We often heard about energy saver or power saver. just plug it in a socket nearest to the meter and the electricity consumption goes down anywhere between 20% to 50%. Is it really works? what is the principle behind it??

In this post, i'll discuss in details the principle behind it and it is open for further discussion. just write down your comment/arguments at the comment part at the bottom of this page.

Do you actually need to install these power saver??- the answer can be YES or NO.
how do i know?
It is a YES if there is an additional sentence about SURCHARGE in the particulars column of your electricity bill.
It is a NO answer if there is no additional surcharge in your electricity bill.
There is a power factor surcharge by TNB when your average monthly power factor falls below 0.85. The lower your power factor, the higher the surcharge. The rates fixed by TNB are as follow:
(a) Below 0.85 to 0.75.....1.5% per unit
(b) Below 0.75..................3.0% per unit
The % total of (a) and (b) will be levied on your electricity consumption for the month.

these power saver helps to increase your power factor anywhere between 0.9 to 1.0. So, no more power factor surcharge you need to pay.

Why do i have such a low power factor?
We usually have a low power factor when there are a lot of inductive loads in our house. Any devices that have coils of wire can be classed as inductive loads. e.g. motors, solenoids and contactor coils, air condition, light bulb, florescent lamps, mixer,blenders,fan etc. In fact, most of our household appliances are inductive loads. These loads need to be balance using capacitive loads. So the power saver gadget is actually some kind of capacitive loads installed to balance the inductive-capacitive loads at our house so as to increase the power factor.

If I don't have any surcharge, why shouldn't i use power saver to save more?
Theoretically, there is no way you can save your electricity using the power saver gadget. Yes, it help to correct/improve the power factor, and this help you by eliminating the surcharge. We are being charge for the amount of real power been use in a month. Have you ever notice the 40Watt label on your florescent lamp when you buy them?- that label tells you the real power requirement for that lamp- and it is a fixed value. Let say you are using 100 lamps, 24hr-7days a much it will cost you?

40watt X 100pcs X 24hr = 96kW per day = 96 X RM0.20 = RM19.20 per day

The only way you can reduce the RM you need to pay is to reduce the amount of lamp been use at a time.Why? because the 40Watt value is fixed and you still need to pay every time you use it.

notice that when you install a power saver gadget, it reduce the current consumption. Why?

consider the following equation

real power = current X volt X power factor

with the real power and volt fixed, improving the power factor(e.g from 0.8 to 1) will actually reduce the current. But still, you need to pay the same amount as TNB charge you for the amount of real power usage.

as a conclusion, you'd better check you bill before you decide to buy such device. in some situation, it might not benefit you, but it benefit the environment for more efficient power transfer to your house. efficient power transfer means, less loses, less fossil fuels use to generate inefficient power, less energy waste. Read More!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

six steps to learn programming fast

For those who hate to do programming, here are some tips on how to manage this.
I'm not really good at programming, but i'm good at try-and-learn things.

1. Make a Time Commitment for Learning - it is a try and error process. the more error you do, the more you will learn.

2. Find a Cheat Sheet/template/complete and correct samples of program. try to run them and adjust here and there. see what happen and learn.

3. Gather All Relevant Material and understand the documentation - need to really understand the basic structure of the language. what to start with, what to end with, the main/body of the program etc.

4. Try on your own from scratch.

5. Struggle Through the Bugs. be patient. get help to people you can rely with. don't give up.

6. Make a Commitment to Practice and develop your interest and passion.

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7 tips untuk kesihatan otak

Sama seperti badan kita, otak juga perlu kita jaga kesegaranya. biasanya kalau untuk kesihatan tubuh, kita selalu bersenam. tapi kalau untuk otak bagaimana ya??

1. Jaga makan. elakkan dari makan 'junk food' yang boleh merosakkan tubuh rusak.

2. Hindari alkohol dan rokok - merosakkan otak!

3. kurangkan guna peralatan yang mengandungi unsur2 aluminiun kerana alumunium yang termasuk kedalam darah secara berlebihan boleh menurunkan daya ingatan

4. Bersukan secara teratur. paling minima lakukan jalan kaki setiap hari selama 30 minit.

5. Jauhi tempat-tempat yang tercemar tinggi karena CO (karbonmonoksida) yang terkandung dalam asap kenderaan bermotor meracuni otak.

6. Asah otak, misalnya dengan main catur, bridge, mengisi teka-teki silang, mempelajari sesuatu dan mempraktikkannya.

7. Rileks..jgn stress sgt. buatlah apa sahaja yang boleh membuat anda sentiasa tersenyum. cthnye baca comik2 yang lucu, dan cerita2 yang kelakar, atau pun bercampur dengan kawan-kawan yang 'sewel' dan 'benggong'

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 tanda orang bahagia

tanda orang bahagia itu ada 4
1. orang yang sentiasa ingat kesalahannya. bila ingat kesalahannya, sesorang itu akan sentiasa berwaspada supaya tidak melakukan kesalahan itu tadi. maka dia akan bahagia
2. orang yang sentiasa lupa kebaikannya. apabila lupa kebaikannya, timbul rasa risau bila sentiasa rasa belum ada kebaikan yang dilakukannya. jadinya sesorang itu akan sentiasa mencari ruang untuk membuat kebaikan.
3. dalam urusan dunia dia melihat kebawah. dengan kata lain akan sentiasa merasa cukup dengan apa yang ada. kalau rasa kurang harta,ada yang lebih kurang harta, kalau rasa susah, ada yang lebih susah.
4. dalam urusan akhirat dia melihat keatas. melihat seseorang itu rajin beribadah, ingin juga dia untuk turut beribadah. melihat orang belajar ilmu, terasa ingin juga belajar ilmu.

p/s : perkongsian dari kuliah KH.ZAINUDDIN MZ Read More!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hidup untuk mati

satu muhasabah untuk diri ini setelah diberi peluang untuk hidup selama 24 tahun, mungkin ada mungkin tidak tahun yang ke 25, tiada siapa yang tahu. Persolannya, apa yang saya buat selama 24 tahun ini?iman macam mana?amalan macam mana? amanah macam mana? ilmu fardhu ain macam mana? takda orang lain yang boleh tolong jawabkan melainkan diri sendiri..astagfirullah hal'azim..

Hidup ini mencari mati yang sempurnya..
segala yang kita lakukan diatas muka bumi ini adalah sebagai persediaan untuk menghadapi hari mati
andai buruk perlakuan kita, maka buruklah persediaan kita, bila buruk persediaan kita, maka sengsaralah kematian kita..
manakala andai baik perlakuan kita, maka baiklah persediaan kita, bila baik persediaan kita, insyaAllah sempurnalah kematian kita..
Mati hanya sekali, ia adalah permulaan bagi 'kehidupan' yang hakiki..
ya Allah..hambaMu ini belum bersedia..
beringatlah wahai taib..esok belum tentu engkau masih disini.. Read More!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


There's a hero if you look inside your heart.
You don't have to be afraid of what you are.
There's an answer if you reach into your soul
and the sorrow that you know will melt away.

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.
So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

It's a long road when you face the world alone.
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold.
You can find love if you search within yourself
and the emptiness you felt will disappear.

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

Lord knows dreams are hard to follow,
But don't let anyone tear them away.
Hold on, there will be tommorow.
In time you'll find the way.

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

That a hero lies in you,
that a hero lies in you.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Redha dengan ketentuan-Nya

Redha dengan segala ketentuan Allah, menerima segala peraturan-peraturan itu dengan berlapang dada dan bersenang hati, tidak terasa terpaksa dan dipaksa adalah gambaran kepada kesempurnaan iman dan kepatuhan kepada Allah..

Dan firman Allah s.w.t yang bermaksud :
" Dan alangkah baiknya jika mereka redha dengan apa yang Allah dan Rasulnya berikan kepada mereka sambil mereka berkata : ' Cukuplah Allah bagi kami , Ia dan Rasulnya akan berikan pada kami kurnianya ,Sesungguhnya pada Allah kami menuju ". ( Surah At Taubah : Ayat 59 )

Segala perintah baik melakukan yang wajib atau meninggalkan yang haram perlu kita semua sempurnakan dengan senang hati dan berlapang dada..

Itulah sifat redha dengan hukum-hukum Allah s.w.t. Redha itu bertentangan dengan sifat dan sikap orang-orang munafik atau kafir yang benci dan sempit dadanya menerima hukum-hukum Allah s.w.t.

Firman Allah s.w.t. yang bermaksud :
" Yang demikian itu kerana sesungguhnya mereka ( yang munafik ) berkata kepada orang-orang yang di benci terhadap apa-apa yang diturunkan oleh Allah s.w.t. 'Kami akan tuntut kamu dalam sebahagian urusan kamu ',Tetapi Allah mengetahui rahsia mereka ". ( Surah Muhammad : Ayat 26 )

Redha dengan nasib kita..
Redhalah dengan ketentuan nasib yang telah ditentukan Allah s.w.t baik berupa nikmat mahupun berupa musibah ( malapetaka ). Didalam hadis diungkapkan bahawa di antara orang yang pertama memasuki syurga ialah mereka yang suka memuji Allah s.w.t,iaitu mereka memuji Allah ( bertahmid ) baik dalam keadaan yang susah mahupun di dalam keadaan senang.

Diberitakan Rasulullah s.a.w. apabila memperolehi kegembiraan Baginda berkata :
" Segala puji bagi Allah yang dengan nikmatnya menjadi sempurnalah kebaikan".

Dan apabila kedatangan perkara yang tidak menyenangkan , Baginda mengucapkan :
" Segala puji bagi Allah atas segala perkara ".

Perintah redha menerima ketentuan nasib daripada Allah s.w.t. dijelaskan didalam hadis Baginda yang lain yang bermaksud :
" Dan jika sesuatu kesusahan mengenaimu janganlah engkau berkata : jika aku telah berbuat begini dan begitu, begini dan begitulah jadinya. Melainkan hendakalah kamu katakan : Allah telah mentaqdirkan dan apa yang ia suka , ia perbuat ! " Kerana sesungguhnya perkataan : andaikata... itu memberi peluang pada syaitan " .
(Riwayat Muslim)

bahawa sesungguhnya Allah s.w.t.memastikan terjadinya sesuatu perkara itu sebagai menunjukkan bahawa Dialah yang Maha berkuasa menentukan sesuatu dan Dialah sebaik-baik pencipta dan Dialah Yang Maha Bijaksana atas segala sesuatu.

Yakinlah bahawa ketentuan dan pilihan Allah s.w.t. itulah yang paling baik , dibandingkan dengan pilihan dan kehendak peribadi yang berkaitan dengan diri sendiri..

Akhirnya, redha dengan rezeki yang ada, banyak atau sedikitnya bukanlah ukuran..Didalam rasa cukup dengan apa yang ada (qana'ah) itu terdapatnya mutiara kebahagiaan bagi orang-orang yang mengerti.

Rujukan Dari : Taqarrub Kepada Allah.
Coretan Nasihat untuk diri ini...
moga manfaatnya dapat ditempiaskan kepada yang turut membaca..
wallahualam. Read More!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mencari keberkatan Hidup

Di dalam hidup manusia, yang penting ialah BERKAT
Bila hidup kita berkat, diri ini akan selamat.
Apabila diri selamat, rumahtangga jadi sepakat.
Apabila rumahtangga jadi sepakat, masyarakat jadi muafakat. Apabila
masyarakat jadi muafakat, negara kita menjadi kuat. Apabila negara
menjadi kuat, negara luar jadi hormat. Apabila negara luar jadi
hormat, permusuhan pun tersekat. Apabila permusuhan tersekat,
pembangunan pun meningkat. Apabila pembangunan pun meningkat,
kemajuan menjadi pesat
TETAPI AWAS, apabila pembangunan meningkat, kemajuan menjadi pesat,
kita lihat bangunan naik bertingkat-tingkat.
Ditengah-tengah itu, tempat maksiat tumbuh macam kulat. Apabila
tempat-tempat maksiat tumbuh macam kulat, KETIKA ITU manusia mula
mengubah tabiat. Apabila manusia telah mengubah tabiat,
ada yang jadi lalat ada yang jadi ulat.
Apabila manusia dah jadi ulat, sembahyang makin hari makin liat.
Apabila sembahyang jadi liat, orang baik ada yang bertukar jadi
Apabila orang baik bertukar jahat, orang miskin pula nak kaya cepat.
Apabila orang miskin nak kaya cepat, orang tua pula nak mati
Apabila orang tua nak mati lambat, tak dapat minum madu telan jerla
minyak gamat.
Yang lelaki, budak budak muda pakai seluar ketat.
Semua nak tunjuk kuat.
Bila berjudi, percaya unsur kurafat.
Tapi hidup pula yang melarat.
Tali kasut dah tak berikat.
Rambut pun jarang sikat.
Yang perempuan, pakai mini sekerat.
Suka pakai baju ketat.
Suka sangat menunjukkan pusat.
Hingga tak pedulikan lagi batasan aurat.
Pakai pulak yang singkat-singkat.
Kadang-kadang ternampak ben da ‘ bulat ‘ .
Bila jadi macam ini, siapa lihat pasti tercegat.
Silap gaya jadi gawat, bohsia bohjan lagi hebat.
Duduk jauh berkirim surat ..
Bila berjumpa, tangan berjabat.
Kemudian pakat lawan peluk siapa erat.
Masa tu, nafas naik sampai tersekat-sekat.
Usah peduli agama dan adat.
Usah takut Allah dan malaikat.
Yang penting apa kita nak buat?
Kita ‘ bukti ‘ lah kita buat.
Akhirnya perut kempis dah jadi bulat.
Apabila perut kempis dah jadi bulat, maka lahirlah
pula anak-anak yang tak cukup sifat.
Bila anak-anak tak cukup sifat, jam tu kita tengok bayi dibuang di
merata tempat.
Dia kata apa? Habis manusia dah masuk jerat.
Habis manusia telah tersesat.
Inilah dia fenomena masyarakat.
Oleh itu wahai saudaraku dan para sahabat,
Marilah kita pakat mengingat,
Bahawa dunia hari ini makin singkat,
Esok atau lusa mungkin kiamat,
Sampai masa kita semua akan berangkat! .
Berangkat menuju ke negeri akhirat.
Di sana kita akan ditanya apa yang kita buat.
Masa tu, sindri mau ingat.
Umur mu banyak mana mu buat ibadat…?
Zaman muda mu, apa yang telah mu buat…?
Harta benda anta, dari mana anta dapat…?
Ilmu anta, adakah anta manafaat…?
Semoga ianya dapat mengingatkan kita supaya segera
meninggalkan maksiat dan memperbanyakkan ibadat.
(Petikan ucapan Ustaz Hj. Akil Hayy Rawa). Read More!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Monday, March 1, 2010

what's in my mind?

“The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life-by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove. He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past-and he ...has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort.” ~Ayn Rand Read More!